Zen Word for better communication #11 回向返照 EkouHenshou

Shine the light on your inner self and reflect on yourself. 

People tend to focus only on the outside, such as other people and society.  

Even if you have been moving forward as fast as you can, it is sometimes necessary to look back at the path you have been on.

We need to face our inner self without being swayed by the external world, look at ourselves again, and if we need to change direction, we can choose a new path with a positive mindset.

Even if you continue to believe in your own way of thinking and direction, sometimes you may not be able to grow at the same speed or in the same way. If you stop and look around you, you will notice changes in your environment and the way you have been thinking, and you will be able to run again with a new way of thinking and in a new environment. – K.Kato