CIEN can make you aware of the differences in way of business and will support building successful customer relations.

Back Office Business Service

Successful entry into the Japanese market needs a sales oriented understanding of the way of business. It takes time to fully understand the Japanese opportunities for your products and services. CIEN supports you for starting up the business in Japan by using our knowledge, experience and global network.

Business Bridge Service

By building bridges between trusted Japanese partners and foreign companies, CIEN supports the introduction and success for innovative products. On one side, CIEN will act as bridge for your business with Japanese customers by well managing the business opportunities and culture differences. On the other side, CIEN can support exporting Japanese products to your region. We are supporting success and activities by data driven awareness of business opportunities, intelligent governance and creating alternative actions supported by a digital business matching portal site.

Health & Safety Business for foods

CIEN can offer the Health Bridge from and to the markets in Japan.
CIEN provides and creates the Happiness.
We connect people worldwide for Safety and Health to keep them smiling.