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Pesticide residues in vegetables and fruit and/or contained nitrate in meats and seafood is a harmful substance that is better not to be taken especially by small children or pregnant women.
It is one of the business we are working on for the health of ourselves and your family from invisible hazardous substances.

Products introduced into Japan by CIEN


All fruit and vegetables contain lots of toxins. Nitrates are one of the most highly widespread and harmful toxins for our health because modern agricultural processes have led to significantly higher concentrations of nitrates in some fruit and vegetables that far exceeds the norm.  Large numbers of fertilizers used by farmers in order to obtain higher profits are contaminating the foods that we eat, and damaging our health. We all wish to be healthy but a diet that is high in nitrates can cause lots of health problems such as stomach poisoning, lack of iodine in the body, enlarged thyroid, toxins in the intestines, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily maximum intake of 3.7mg of nitrates per kg of body weight for adults. This is especially important for the health of infants, children under one year old and pregnant women. You can protect yourself and your family by reducing the amount of nitrates you consume and checking the nitrate concentration of your fruit and vegetables with the unique GREENTEST nitrate tester.


Vegetable detergents are commonplace in overseas! The amount of pesticide used in Japan is top class. The Shellday removes pesticides, preservatives, and waxes that adhere to vegetables and fruits that cannot be dropped by simply washing with water. It can also be used to clean chopping boards and feeding bottles, besides cleaning vegetables and fruits. We do not use any chemical ingredients or chemicals at 100% natural materials, so you can use them safely.

Moreover, the feeling of the vegetable is different because calcium penetrates to the vegetable surface after washing. Shellday is an organic powder born from my mother’s desire to protect what is really important.

We do not use any chemical ingredients or chemicals at 100% natural materials, so you can use them safely.