About Us

Business culture becomes a barrier for foreign companies in Japan.
Understanding our Japanese culture is essential for sustainable success.
CIEN can make you aware of the differences in way of business and will support
building succcesful customer relations.

Drive Business Success by minding gaps and building bridges!

I have managed the Japanese subsidiary of a Dutch high quality innovated products manufacturer as President & CEO over 16 years. In this period I have successfully managed the company to become a well known high quality brand in the Japanese market.

Using my experience, I will guide you to business success in Japan by a co-creative and data driven supporting approach.
–  Kunihiko Kato / CEO

Kunihiko Kato / CEO

Drive Business Success by minding gaps and building bridges!

Just Smit / Director

I have been building Adimec since 1992 into a leading international imaging brand with offices in Europe, US, Japan, Korea and recently China.

The past 30 years, I have experienced as adventurous journey, continuously minding and bridging business challenges for sustainable success and business growth.

With excitement, entrepreneurial skills and a holistic perspective on people, planet and value creation,  I contribute by systematically creating meaningful business connections. 

A unique way of fact based observing and working has been developed and made available for other business owners via the DAIGA methodology and entrepreneurial frame work.

My focus and experience covers Business Excellence in scale-up enterprises.  Excellence in Imaging for Healthcare, Machine Vision and Global Security, the Global Energy Transition as well as Nature Inclusive Food Engineering and Landscaping are business segments of interest to me.  I support CIEN Global K.K. in developing a leading community for bridging cultures and business success.

– Just Smit / Director

I work as an administrative documentation lawyer for almost 30 years. I have involved in foreign firms who set up their subsidiary in Japan. I will support you in every administrative procedure.

– Naoya Wada / Director

WADA Legal Administrative & Translation Services

Naoya Wada / Director
Thames Seong

I work as an international business manager in machine vision industry for 19 years.  I have been operating several companies;  Korea Representative of a Dutch affiliated company, CEO of a Japan-Korea joint venture and CEO of TS Corporation.  I support bridging people to people and companies to companies.

–   Thames Seong / Official Business Parter in Korea

Company Profile

Name CIEN Global K.K.
President & CEO Kunihiko Kato
Director Just Smit
Naoya Wada
Address 3-1-1-45F Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6045 Japan
Establishment July 11, 2017
Capital 10,000,000 yen