Zen Word For Better Communication #8 自利利他 Jiri-rita

Benefitting the self and others

You can benefit yourself and help others at the same time. After being born as a human being, we live with others. In other words, we live and let live.

Even if we give much, we never lose sight of our own benefit. By dealing optimistically, we see in others, the possibility of having a good relationship with ourselves.

We do not do for others in spite of ourselves. Your own happiness will lead to the happiness of others. The happiness of others will make you happy. We can be happy and joyful for each other.

Let’s use a business analogy. Become a fan of your product. Explain how the product will benefit the customer. The customer uses the product and is grateful. It is a win-win relationship.

The feeling and action of yielding may be natural to many Japanese. They don’t interrupt.  They get in line and give priority to others. They don’t speak unilaterally.  They listen to others.  But it is also true that there are  Japanese who do not, due to their personalities. – K.Kato