Zen Word For Better Communication #6 洗心 Senshin

Washing the mind

“Washing the mind” is the process of removing prejudice, obsession and other fixed ideas. Being convinced that you absolutely have to be this way can have a negative impact not only on yourself, but also on those around you. Washing away excessive expectations and desires is also called “washing one’s mind. All of these thing (prejudice, obsession, excessive expectations and etc) can cause suffering in your own mind.

Meditation is one of the methods of “washing the mind.” Having a relaxed mind, looking at yourself and knowing yourself will lead to “washing the mind.”

We are living in a busy world. When we feel uneasy and get tired, it may be necessary to wash away the thoughts that bother our minds and ask yourselves who we really are.

Once a week I exercise at the gym, what it out in the sauna, and try to relax in the hot tub. This time is also a release from the stress of business and is my mind wash as a change of pace. – K. Kato