Zen Word for Better Communication #3 平常心是道 Byojoshin-Koredo

The ordinary mind is the way.
Live actively as you are and don’t keep worrying about failure.
If one leads a life which is not involved in trivialities, then spring, summer, autumn and winter are all good seasons for you, and everything is a part of living the way. Not having useless things in the mind referee to the originally pure state of your mind, which is like a clear expanse of sky.

It is important to be proactive in our daily work, to respond correctly to things, to take responsibility for the results of our actions, but not to let failure drag us down.

If you continue to do the small things that you take for granted, you can act calmly without being upset when something happens. Major league Otani, who handles both chances and pinches as usual, is indeed a great player. But I am sure that is also the result of his normal, usual, ordinary mind “Byojoshin.” – K. Kato