Zen Word for Better Communication #12 結果自然成 Kekka Jinen ni Naru

The outcome of any thing is not guaranteed.

We must accept it, even if it is not our expected outcome. 

But it does not mean that our efforts are in vain.

If you have done the best you can, then all you have to do is wait for the results.

Instead of leaving luck to chance, do what needs to be done and what is necessary and good.  It is up to our actions to achieve any result.

If the results we are getting now are not good enough, let’s take a hard look at whether we are going in the right direction, think deeply about it, and take action to the best of our ability.  

If you steadily and diligently put in time and effort, you will naturally accumulate knowledge, skills and experience, which will differentiate you from those who do not.  It is the result of our daily efforts that we are able to respond calmly to sudden and unexpected events, and to achieve results when unexpected opportunities come. – K.Kato